Haylee Wax – Gladstonian of the month

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Haylee Wax

Female ownership of farms in the United States has risen every year for the last fifteen years. It is estimated that at least 28% of all farms are now owned by women. In North Dakota that number is only 10%. The reason for the difference in North Dakota is that farming is more capital intensive. The type of crops that are grown in this region and the fewer number of crop varieties, results in higher equipment usage, thus greater capital is needed.

Everybody knows Haylee Wax. She is outgoing, loves farming, family and is fearless. Women farmers should take notice of Haylee. She is going to make a difference. Quality and pride in what she does, is over the top, and she believes that will make her even more successful. Her father instilled a great passion in her for the farm life. Haylee is now in her mid twenties, and I love this statement that she made, “I have been to California many times, but I would rather go to a cotton gin or farm and watch their operation, than do that Disneyland crap.” Now that’s a hardcore farmer for you.

Bismarck State should be a four year program, they gave me hands on experience in what I needed to learn, and they were great. Haylee graduated from college and she will combine a degree with her experience to create a good life for herself. There is no doubt that she is a very motivated person.

The Heart River meanders around their property and that is just fine by Haylee. Lefor is flatlander, God’s country, but flatlander. I think she likes the river more right now, but that might change. Haylee is like the river, she goes with the flow.

Top 10 reasons why you might be a Gladstonian

10. You might be a Gladstonian if your hunting dog rides in the cab, while your wife rides in the back of the truck.

9. You might be a Gladstonian if you pick up your date in a tractor.

8. You might be a Gladstonian if your mobile home has a second floor.

7. You might be a Gladstonian if you know what date hunting season starts, but can’t remember your anniversary.

6. You might be a Gladstonian if you have ever been in a custody battle over a hunting dog.

5. You might be a Gladstonian if there is a gun rack on your child’s bicycle.

4. You might be a Gladstonian if you think a six-pack of Bud and a bug-zapper is high entertainment.

3. You might be a Gladstonian if you have a bumper sticker that says, “My other car is a combine.”

2. You might be a Gladstonian if you have ever shot a deer from inside your house.

1. You might be a Gladstonian if you brought a fishing pole to Sea World.

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May Edition – Gladstone Good News

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Margaret Wieglenda wrote in about angels in her neighborhood. Margaret and Emil have had their share of health issues lately, making snow removal very difficult for them. The snow caused the Wieglenda’s some problems getting in and out of their house. Neighbors Vicki Nogoser and Emmy along with neighbor Tyler Mason reached out with a helping hand to remove snow for Margaret and Emil. Margaret also said, “Make sure to thank Denny Enger as well.” Great job guys.

Margaret Wieglenda wrote in about angels in her neighborhood. Margaret and Emil have had their share of health issues lately, making snow removal very difficult for them. The snow caused the Wieglenda’s some problems getting in and out of their house. Neighbors Vicki Nogoser and Emmy along with neighbor Tyler Mason reached out with a helping hand to remove snow for Margaret and Emil. Margaret also said, “Make sure to thank Denny Enger as well.” Great job guys.

Logan Greenwood

Logan Greenwood

Mary Gilbert sent this photo in of her 10 year old grandson Logan. He has won five of his six tournaments and the other was a second place finish. That is pretty dang good. Congratulations Logan, keep having fun, okay?

Happy Birthday, Logan (April 30th)

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” -Michael Jordan

To plant a garden is to believe in the future

FlowersI have been designing outdoor spaces for more than thirty years. One conclusion I have come to is that most people do not have the time to do traditional gardens. The other conclusion is, if you do have the time, health issues might often be an impediment to having an ornamental garden space.

To add variation in texture and color, containers are the way to go. Containers are not meant to be the backbone of a good garden design, but rather only a part of the overall design or concept. I think the container planting pictured above is fantastic in almost every way. Contrast, texture, color and size variation are all present in this small micro garden. Plan your container this way and you will have a winner.

Personally I think that this is enough if you want a great garden accent for your space, but you can add some additional details to this if you want, but it’s not necessary. First of all, you can choose a container that reflects a certain style, such as modern or traditional.

FlowersColor of the container is another detail for good container gardens. I would suggest staying with the brown as pitctured on the left. That color is the most versatile as brown is very earthy feeling.

Blue glazed pots with blue flowers can be awesome. Green pots are very garden feeling and also work well with flowers, but I find that they work even better with dwarf schrubs.

White is ok, if you want traditional. To have an awesome white container plant only white flowers and green leafed plants in a white container. You will love the look. This is a very clean look.

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Gladstonian of the Month


Gwen Jung-Lefor

Gwen Jung-Lefor is one interesting person. She plays piano, sings, is a cook’s cook, an accomplished photographer, a wedding florist, an eight minute tire changer, a mother of nine, and the envy of “moonshiner” drivers everywhere.

In 1947 Gwen’s family received the contract to deliver the mail to Gladstone and the surrounding areas. Sixty-six years later, the family is still delivering the mail. That fact is amazing. She sorts the mail before she starts her route and drives two hundred miles per day six days a week. From 2006 until today, there have only been three days that her customers have failed to receive their mail because of weather. Twelve hundred miles a week is just staggering. Gwen replaces her Buick about every three years. “Another one bites the dust” is a common term describing Gwen’s Buick. She tried a Ford once, but it failed to meet Gwen’s needs. “I like Buicks” Gwen says, “they last and they get good gas mileage.”

Lefor ChurchGwen also loves photography. The Lefor church, pictured on the left, is an example of her work. She has witnessed some amazing things on her mail route. The birth of a wild antelope tops her list. She also has six sightings of mountain lions to her credit. She loves her job delivering the mail. She takes great pride in her work, for which all of her customers are very grateful.

But wait there’s more… Gwen loves to cook! She once owned a restaurant, and she also does weddings and flowers. She told me that she has done about a hundred weddings. In her early thirties, with seven children, she managed to enroll at DSU for a short while. She wanted to be a teacher, but life happened and teaching was not an option. Oh, did I mention she plays the piano? Why not, she does everything else!

Gwen has been giving and giving all her life. Now she plans on giving to herself. Plans are in the works to travel across America for a month or so, driving of course. No place in particular, just where ever the road takes her.

Thanks, Gwen.

Dickinson Press’s Best Headlines about Gladstone

Gladstone Good News Top Ten List

10. Gladstone names wild turkeys town mascot
9. Gladstone decides to switch to east coast time
8. Gladstone has special election decided by 3 1/2 votes
7. Gladstone funds new stadium project
6. Gladstone approves measure to remove streets in effort to get back to its roots
5. Gladstone seeks ruling on making town a State
4. Gladstone declares April 1st a national holiday
3. Gladstone who?
2. Gladstone debates name change to Pheasantville
1. Gladstone residents report sightings of little green men

Gladstone Fire Station

Gladstone Good News Fire DepartmentThis is one of my proudest moments. Giving this check to the fire department for the Metzger property. The ability of all involved to make a WIN-WIN for everyone, shows that we can work together for the betterment of all concerned. Good job guys; outside the box thinking is awesome.

I really believe that this is just the start of many more good things to happen in our community. When people work together like we did here, fantastic things will follow.

Gladstone Good News CheckWhen the new station is done I will be donating trees for the new home of the Gladstone Consolidated Fire District. I urge everyone to help in some way. These are our neighbors that are willing to put themselves in harms way for you and me. In 1935 most of Gladstone burned down, it happened then and it could happen again. The town of Bucyrus North Dakota is living proof of what is possible. Larry Praus, thank you for working so hard to make things work, Leo and all the guys at the fire district thank you.

Gladstone Depot

Richardton Depot
Richardton Depot
This is the original Richardton depot that was moved to Taylor.

The Gladstone depot will emulate the depot pictured here. The colors and detailing will be the same. The exterior of the Gladstone depot will be very close to the original. On the interior we will make some adjustments. There will be a basement in the Gladstone depot. The Gladstone depot will have a small restaurant and an outdoor eating area. I am hoping that we will be able to assemble a fun collection of Gladstone items for the Depot. Gladstone memorabilia will be displayed in a fun and interesting way.

Richardton Depot
Richardton Depot

The oak bench is an original depot piece of furniture from this area. I plan on reproducing this same bench. Also the light fixtures and many other details will look like the originals. I want this to be a fun experience not just for me but for the whole town. Let’s make Gladstone the best place to live.

Top 10 reasons why we need a major league sports stadium in Gladstone

Gladstone, ND StadiumTim Dunnagan
Why we need a major league sports stadium in Gladstone
10. We need to do something with all that oil money

9. Finally, we have something bigger than Dickinson

8. Hey, what does New York have that we don’t?

7. We can rent out the parking lot for trailer parking!!!

6. Hmmm, put in a sports stadium or put in a grocery store?

5. We need to diversify our local economy

4. We were playing a game of “Truth or Dare

3. We can use the stadium for spectator pheasant hunting

2. You never can have too many stadiums

1. I keep hearing a voice saying “if you build it, he will come

Welcome to Gladstone Good News!

Tim and Jan DunnaganMy name is Tim Dunnagan and my wife’s name is Jan. I have relocated from Las Vegas to Gladstone, ND. I moved to Gladstone for a couple of reasons. First, I was ready for a new life experience, small town versus the large town of Las Vegas. Boy is it different, but so is seeing the stars at night and the quiet; except for the occasional train blast (thanks Kevin Booke). Wildlife is all around and there are four seasons… I have met some of the most wonderful people in such a short time… and finally I moved to Gladstone so that I can build homes. The reason I decided to start the Gladstone Good News is WHY NOT!

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