Gladstonian of the Month


Gwen Jung-Lefor

Gwen Jung-Lefor is one interesting person. She plays piano, sings, is a cook’s cook, an accomplished photographer, a wedding florist, an eight minute tire changer, a mother of nine, and the envy of “moonshiner” drivers everywhere.

In 1947 Gwen’s family received the contract to deliver the mail to Gladstone and the surrounding areas. Sixty-six years later, the family is still delivering the mail. That fact is amazing. She sorts the mail before she starts her route and drives two hundred miles per day six days a week. From 2006 until today, there have only been three days that her customers have failed to receive their mail because of weather. Twelve hundred miles a week is just staggering. Gwen replaces her Buick about every three years. “Another one bites the dust” is a common term describing Gwen’s Buick. She tried a Ford once, but it failed to meet Gwen’s needs. “I like Buicks” Gwen says, “they last and they get good gas mileage.”

Lefor ChurchGwen also loves photography. The Lefor church, pictured on the left, is an example of her work. She has witnessed some amazing things on her mail route. The birth of a wild antelope tops her list. She also has six sightings of mountain lions to her credit. She loves her job delivering the mail. She takes great pride in her work, for which all of her customers are very grateful.

But wait there’s more… Gwen loves to cook! She once owned a restaurant, and she also does weddings and flowers. She told me that she has done about a hundred weddings. In her early thirties, with seven children, she managed to enroll at DSU for a short while. She wanted to be a teacher, but life happened and teaching was not an option. Oh, did I mention she plays the piano? Why not, she does everything else!

Gwen has been giving and giving all her life. Now she plans on giving to herself. Plans are in the works to travel across America for a month or so, driving of course. No place in particular, just where ever the road takes her.

Thanks, Gwen.