To plant a garden is to believe in the future

FlowersI have been designing outdoor spaces for more than thirty years. One conclusion I have come to is that most people do not have the time to do traditional gardens. The other conclusion is, if you do have the time, health issues might often be an impediment to having an ornamental garden space.

To add variation in texture and color, containers are the way to go. Containers are not meant to be the backbone of a good garden design, but rather only a part of the overall design or concept. I think the container planting pictured above is fantastic in almost every way. Contrast, texture, color and size variation are all present in this small micro garden. Plan your container this way and you will have a winner.

Personally I think that this is enough if you want a great garden accent for your space, but you can add some additional details to this if you want, but it’s not necessary. First of all, you can choose a container that reflects a certain style, such as modern or traditional.

FlowersColor of the container is another detail for good container gardens. I would suggest staying with the brown as pitctured on the left. That color is the most versatile as brown is very earthy feeling.

Blue glazed pots with blue flowers can be awesome. Green pots are very garden feeling and also work well with flowers, but I find that they work even better with dwarf schrubs.

White is ok, if you want traditional. To have an awesome white container plant only white flowers and green leafed plants in a white container. You will love the look. This is a very clean look.

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